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6 reviews | 298 orders

I ordered some Udon Soup bc I am sick and then called to try to add coffee to the menu bc I have to do work from home and just need coffee.. they don't make it and don't have it on the menu but they had the delivery person stop to get me one.. was very kind and thoughtful. The food was excellent too.. they will get my business every time just for being so thoughtful! Truly appreciate it! Thanks! :D


2 reviews | 63 orders

Better the first time I ordered than the second. I hope the quality doesn't go down the next time I order.


1 reviews | 165 orders

I have only used delivery with them. Good sushi good service on the phone and timely delivery. I would have given 5 stars but one time I ordered spicy mayo and they forgot to give it. Called them and they refunded the money quickly. I continue to go here for sushi. Highly recommend Akami Sushi.

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